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Our Mission: Simplify freight transport with technology!

We want to make global trade delightfully productive and data-informed thanks to technology.

At OVRSEA, we are selling a service: freight forwarding. We coordinate the transports of 700+ companies across 60 countries, and provide our clients with a unique platform on which their teams can manage their shipments in a simple and transparent way.

Most companies that import and export goods internationally don’t handle the shipment themselves. As a freight forwarder, our job is to coordinate shipments for our clients, and we are responsible for the transportation we manage. At OVRSEA, we use technology to digitalize, transform and simplify international freight transportation.

We target clients in a wide variety of sectors: cosmetics (Nuxe, Biologique Recherche), chemistry (Crodarom), retail (Sézane), electric bikes (Cowboy), high-tech (Devialet), industry (Lincoln Electric)… and more!

Key figures


We coordinate the transports of 700+ companies across 60 countries.


We are 160 Ovrsoss worldwide.


We are operating in 5 markets across Europe, the US, and in Asia.

Who we are as a team

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How we think and how we act